• Evaluation of flatness artificial airfield pavements in determining their technical condition. This estimate is based on direct measurements of geodetic elevation precision electronic leveling (DIPSTICK-2272 in increments of 0.3, 0.5 m and an accuracy of ± 0.1 mm).

  • Data preparation is carried out for the integrated assessment of flatness (optional aircraft manufacturers), as well as to assess the fitness for operation of airfield pavements and develop measures to eliminate the defects in certain areas;

  • Evaluation of the bearing capacity of coatings by ACN-PCN. Determination of PCN produced experimentally-theoretical method (the most accurate and objective), which is based on the instrumental determination of strength and deformation characteristics. This conduct full-scale testing of die pavements (using non-destructive testing) and evaluation of soil basements dynamic sensing;

  • Determination of flatness and the carrying capacity of coating is required for the certification of aerodromes, design and survey works on reconstruction and other scientific research, based on full-scale trials. Such work has already been carried out at the airport "Borispol", "Juliani", "Odessa", "Simferopol", "Lugansk", "Kherson", "Poltava" and others;

  • Development of designs and technical supervision of construction coatings runway, taxiways and aprons.